Zane Hunter

Exit Partner


Throughout my career, I have worked with various financial services businesses, including international and regional accountancy firms. I have continually sought to keep ahead of the general market, recognising the need for change and developing repeatable processes to generate efficiency and profitability while providing exceptional service levels to clients.

I qualified as a Chartered Financial Planner with FPFS status many years ago, and I still maintain my Chartered status. However, I gave up practising almost five years ago, moving into senior management roles to focus on the development of businesses.

Most recently, I was Head of Wealth at One Four Nine Group, a relatively new but fast-growing acquisitor/consolidator, designing and installing the Centralised Investment Proposition, advice panels and the proposition generally.


Although I’m a relatively new entrant to the financial services and wealth management M&A space, that doesn’t mean I’m inexperienced in the sale and purchase process. In fact, during my time working in accountancy businesses and alongside legal practices, I was frequently involved in the transition process as business ownership moved from one party to another.

Succession is a natural event that simply needs to be thought through, overlaying what each party wants as an outcome. Frequently, there is a mismatch in the focus and meaning of different types of information between sellers and buyers. Clarity and a properly designed roadmap are essential on both sides so there can be no surprises.


Professional development has always been important to me, and I will continue to augment my knowledge and understanding of the profession to focus on emerging trends and advise our clients accordingly.

With new business models emerging all the time, the pace of consolidation at all levels of the sector continues to increase. I firmly believe that, as we leverage our collective experiences, the support we offer our clients contributes to a deeper understanding of what the sales process requires. This will lead to more realistic expectations and ensure a more efficient process, avoiding any surprises.

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