Exit types

Check out our summaries below to learn more about the options that could work for you and your business.


Private equity-backed buyers are experienced and well capitalised, which could lead to a successful exit.


Firms which manufacture as well as distribute could offer an attractive exit route for you and your clients.

National or
regional firms

Your business might be attractive to a national or regional firm growing through acquisition.


Local peers can make the perfect exit partners providing ongoing, local support for your clients.


Your existing team know you, the business and the clients, so they may be the perfect fit to buy you out.

Merge or partner
with a peer

When the right businesses combine, great success can be achieved, but there’s lots to think about.

Employee Ownership Trust

Giving your team the opportunity to buy the business via an EOT could be a very attractive exit route.

Sell some of your

You may consider selling some of your assets to streamline your business and focus on growth.