Why choose us

We’ve successfully navigated the route you’re about to take. Let us be your guide. We’re truly independent with no ownership in any acquiring business. Plus, our Partner service, where you’re the client, means that we’re working for you, the seller, and not the buyer.

We’ve been in your shoes

Victoria Hicks and Brian Hill have both been where you are now. They each ran advice businesses, which they successfully sold. That experience means they understand your hopes and fears. Now, they are working for people just like you. They provide unique insights, support and guidance as you embark on a high-stakes journey you will only take once, but have to get right.

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On your side, not the buyers

Our Partner Route means we act for you, not the buyer of your business. This means we’re firmly in your camp, focused on delivering an exit that’s right for you, your staff and your clients.

Independent and unbiased

Choosing the right exit route isn’t easy. We’re independent, so we’ll help you choose the right path. Then we’ll guide you down it until you successfully reach your destination.

Knowledgeable, experienced, connected

We’ve been where you are. And we’ve successfully emerged from the other side. We’ll use all our knowledge, connections and experience to make sure you do too.

Julie Hunt
20 November 2023
Having recently gone through the Exit experience with Brian at The Exit Partnership, I can't recommend him enough. I had never sold a company before, so it was a whole new experience, but Brian was there every step of the way, making sure everything went smoothly, and I understood what was happening. He made sure that we got the best possible deal and even after accepting an offer, Brian was there holding my hand, chasing solicitors, getting updates. If you're thinking of selling your business, you need a Brian in your life, it's never going to be smooth sailing all the way through, but it's a heck of a lot smoother with him by your side. Thank you for everything that you did!
Sarah Davies
20 October 2023
We could not speak more highly of Vicki Hicks and have no hesitation in recommending her and the team at the Exit Partnership. In addition to Vicki being extremely knowledgeable and experienced, we found her honest, open approach a great fit with our Firm. Vicki takes the time to listen, she understands us, the people we work with and has a genuine desire to help.
Dan Boardman-Weston
3 August 2023
I’ve had the pleasure of working with TEP and Brian for over a year now. I’ve found them to be highly professional, knowledgable and approachable. I would have no hesitation in recommending them.
Paul Cleworth
31 July 2023
Excellent experience working with Brian and Vicki. Experts in their field. If you want to sell your financial services business, use TEP.
chris procter
30 July 2023
People at TEP are experienced and well positioned to help with the process to help with business succession.
Dominic Rose
29 July 2023
Very positive experience with the Exit Partnership. We have worked with them for a while now and they take the time to understand our business (who we are and what we stand for) and have an amazing ability to only put us in touch with like minded firms. Their philosophy of "culture before cash" and genuine desire to make sure that business owners get the best possible fit and overall deal means I recommend them highly.
Emma James
27 July 2023
Vicky is extremely helpful and very knowledgeable in her field. She just spent an hour of her time (at no cost) helping me run through all the options available to me, including some areas I hadn’t previously considered. We likely won’t be clients in the short term since the timing isn’t right, but even so Vicky went out of her way to help me with honest advice, and clear next steps our business should be taking. I will be reconnecting with Vicky and the Exit Partnership again when the timing is right as they are a very professional operation and clearly experts in what they do – thank you Vicky! Dan & Emma
1st Chartered Financial Planning
25 July 2023
The Exit Partnership service couldn't get any better. The combination of professional yet commercial but still personable is an excellent mix. They really listen to what you are looking for , give you realistic expectations and go beyond the call of duty to get you the best deal possible, They will then virtually "hold your hand" through the whole process. They have been there & done it themselves so they understand completely from both the business & personal side exactly what you are going to face & know how to help you . You can't ask for better than that !!
Helen Gott
21 July 2023
Vicki Hicks and the team provided first class support when we were purchasing a business. Whilst the purchase was slightly outside of The Exit Partnership's usual sector, that did not hinder Vicki's knowledge and business acumen - both of which were invaluable. Vicki and her team have great ability to see the commerciality and be open and transparent in their dealings with their clients. This is very welcome at what is a stressful time whether you are selling or buying a business. I cannot recommend their service highly enough as Vicki and her team simply are the best in the business! If you are acquiring or exiting - speak to them.
Anthony R
18 July 2023
Brian's enthusiasm and knowledge are unmatched for financial advice firms or wealth managers looking to retire or consider an exit strategy. I would have no hesitation in recommending them to any business owner who wishes to consider their future plans.
Vicki has been the consummate professional throughout this entire process. She professionally marketed my business to companies that met my criteria, shortlisting and working towards an eventual very good conclusion. I cannot recommend Vicki highly enough. An excellent way to finish a long successful career in financial services.

Vaughan Rochford (Rochford Financial Services)

Our mission

To help you exit your business in the most appropriate way by providing help, insight and support that sellers haven’t previously had access to, while enhancing the profession that provides such value and education to clients.

60-second answers

You’re bound to have lots of questions when it comes to selling your business or client bank. And remember, you don’t know what you don’t know! We’ve answered the most common we get asked in this series of short videos.