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This is the route sellers have traditionally taken and the one we used when we sold our businesses. Remember, we’ve been in your shoes.

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We offer two approaches for sellers; the Broker Route and the Partner Route. You can learn more about the Broker Route on this page. But it’s important that you know we’ve got no financial incentive for you to choose one route over another. We get paid the same, whichever you choose.

The Broker Route is potentially right for you if:

You don’t want to pay our fees directly
You’re happy for whoever buys your business to pay us
You haven't committed to selling, but want to explore options
You’re accepting introductions from other sources as well
You don’t want to give us, or any other broker, exclusivity
Your business is valued at less than £1 million


You’re happy with the traditional option

The broker community has done a good job of making sellers believe their services are free. In reality, their broker fee is a cost of sale and will be accounted for in any financial offer made. Despite this, there are some vendors who still prefer the buyer to pay the success fee. With over 250 buyers on our books who are happy to engage with brokers, access to just these may be right for you.

You’re happy for the buyer to be the client

Under the law of agency, the client is the party who has signed the contract and will be paying the fee. This can lead to conflicts of interest. We’ve worked hard to remove these by setting our fees at a level all our buyers are happy to pay and ensuring that all buyers pay us the same amount. That means you know we’re completely unbiased and impartial.

When you’re not sure that you want to sell

You might be thinking about selling but your plans aren’t set in stone. The Broker Route means we can introduce you to potential buyers, allowing you to clarify your thinking and firm up your plans.

You’re already having other conversations

If you are also accepting introductions from other sources, then our Broker Route is right for you. This aligns us with the other brokers you are talking to. We will make sure we are aware of who you’re speaking with, so we don’t impact on these conversations.

You want to work with more than one broker

You might feel uncomfortable exclusively working with one broker and want to remain open to opportunities from us and others. However, it’s unlikely you’ll be disadvantaged by working with one broker. If a firm is growing through acquisition and happy to pay broker fees, they’re available through most brokers. No single buyer looking to grow in this way would restrict themselves to working with a single broker firm.

The fees for our Partner Route aren’t appropriate

We charge 3% plus VAT on completion. That’s around 40% below the market average. But due to the volume of work we undertake under our Partner Route, we set a minimum fee of £30,000. For some firms, typically worth less than £1 million, the cost of our minimum fee might outweigh the value. If that’s the case, our Broker Route could be more appropriate.