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Our Partner Route is an option we have developed for sellers to remove any potential conflicts of interest. In contrast to the traditional Broker Route, with this option we work for you, not the buyer.

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We offer two approaches, the Broker Route and the Partner Route. You can learn more about the Partner Route on this page. But it’s important that you know we’ve got no financial incentive for you to choose one route over another. We get paid the same, whichever you choose.

The Partner Route is potentially right for you, if:

You are actively seeking an exit from your business
You want a partner who will work for you to find the right deal
You are willing to provide us with exclusivity for a period of six months
You understand the benefits of us working for you, not the buyer of your business
You welcome the additional preparation that takes place in helping to ensure you get the right exit
Your business is valued at more than £1 million


You want to be our client

Under the law of agency, the client is the person with whom the contract is agreed. If you choose our Partner Route, that’s you, and not the buyer of your business, which means any potential conflicts of interest are eliminated. And remember, we will never take a fee from both the buyer and the seller!

Lower than average charges

We charge 3% plus VAT on completion. That’s around 40% below the market average. Due to the volume of work we undertake on our Partner service, we set a minimum fee of £30,000 plus VAT.

Access to more buyers

We have access to a large number of potential buyers. But our Partner Route opens up even more options, giving us access to buyers who won’t sign terms with brokers. Naturally, a wider range of options will always put you in a stronger position.

Improving your negotiating position

You’re paying our fees. That gives us much stronger grounds to negotiate a better deal on your behalf. When necessary, we'll also have those tricky conversations, allowing you to maintain your ongoing relationship with your buyer as you move forward.

Preparing your business for sale

Creating the best possible first impression instils confidence in potential buyers. To do that, your business needs to be prepared carefully for sale. Our Partner Route gives us more time to prepare your business for sale, and means you can make a great first impression with all potential buyers.

Greater support throughout

Our Partner Route allows us to fully manage the process, removing distractions and allowing you to get on with your day job while we take care of the heavy lifting. We’re there to showcase your business in the best light throughout, whilst ensuring your relationship with your chosen buyer is strong.