Free Tools

Our free tools are designed to help business owners make the right decisions about when it comes to exit.

You’ve probably never sold a business before. To prepare you for the process ahead, we’ve produced these free tools, designed to give you the confidence to achieve the best possible result.

In many cases, our tools may save you money, giving you insight that you’d normally need to pay thousands of pounds for.

So many deals fall over during the process because sellers don’t know what to expect. We want to demystify the selling process and help you avoid any surprises.

It can be hard to be objective about your business when you’re in the thick of it. Our tools will help you to see your business through the eyes of a buyer, and make any necessary improvements, whichever stage you’re at in your selling journey.

Check back regularly, as we’ll be adding more useful tools to this section of the website.

Valuation calculator

When it comes to valuations there are many myths and understandings. So, use our calculator to discover the basis on which your business might be valued and what it could be worth.

Due Diligence Questionnaire

Preparing your business for the due diligence a buyer will undertake is crucial. Take our questionnaire to understand where you're doing well and the gaps you need to fill.