Brian Hill

Head of Strategic Exits


I started and built Jones Hill, an award-winning IFA firm in the South West, before exiting in September 2020. By the time I exited, I was completely hacked off with the whole broker experience. So instead of retiring, I decided to join The Exit Partnership to help business owners like me make informed choices by completely removing the conflicts of interest, bias and self-interest seen with virtually all traditional brokers.


I help owners of financial advice and wealth management firms plan their escape. Some want to escape quickly, others are happy to stay around for a while, and some want to scale their firms before exiting. Having done this myself and alongside many others, I can help owners avoid the pain points and expensive pitfalls of what is probably going to be one of their largest financial life events. I can advise on making the right exit at the right time and to a buyer who will look after your clients appropriately.


In the short period of time we’ve been going, we’ve already built a name for ourselves as the seller’s trusted exit partner. I look forward to a future where we continue to build on our reputation and become sellers’ first port of call when seeking an exit.

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